The fact that so much people spend loads of time driving traffic to their blog is just plain crazy.

Webinars, mentorship (don’t get me started with that) and SEO optimizing are a total waste of time and money if there is no one (no specific audience) to follow you, whatever you do, business or just fun.

Sounds like lecturing? It could be.
You know that “the less common, the better”!

Everyone uses the same techniques, making them prematurely obsolete.
Therefore, a cycle begins: new techniques are needed all the time and nobody can keep up with!

It’s what does NOT follows the rules (remind me, who wrote them?) that wins.

You want to win, yeah?

Blogging is not a game.

I meant “winning” as earning your readers confidence and faithfulness, no matter the content of your blog.

Aren’t YOU tired of all the ready-made schemes? Aren’t you tired of hearing this same ad on the radio?

Let’s be honest there: you do!

So is your reader.

Be different. Be smart and different.

You do not need to be the new Tim Ferris or even the new Laura Roeder.

You need to be yourself, and you know why it is so important.

Honest signals can’t be faked.

Let me write it once again: honest signals can’t be faked.

Does that make sense?
Your reader can screen you in a nanosecond.

Think about it next time you ship (write a blog entry).

As for me… I don’t fit in anything, so I gave up long ago!